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Commercial - Fire Rated Doors and Windows Fire resistant screens save lives and ensure that people can evacuate the building without having to battle through smoke or flames - The objective of fire rated glazing is to create and protect an escape route through the building - Class C – Integrity Only (E) Integrity means the glass remains in the frame without pulling away from the top or sides, Within 3 minutes of the fire starting the escape route temperate will reach 120 Degrees Class A – Integrity & Insulation (EI) In the event of the fire screens/doors will stop all smoke and flames and heat convection passing through, meaning the non- fire rated surface side of the glass will never exceed 120 Degrees. Insulation protects against flames, hot gases and smoke as a reduced surface temperature and resistance against ignition on the unexposed side - 30, 60 and 90 minute EI options are available - Contact our sales team if you have any questions